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My name is Luce Carter. I'm a Xamarin loving Software developer, blogger and speaker based in Manchester, UK.

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Setting up ZSH for Live Reload for F# and Fabulous

So yesterday I had the pleasure of not only speaking at NDC London but watching my good friend Jim Bennett talk immediately after me on Mobile Development in F# using Fabulous. Unsurprisingly, it left me super excited and I was…

We only went and won Hack Manchester 2018!

Last year you may recall I wrote this post about my experience at Hack Manchester 2017. My mentor and I worked together to create a mobile app aimed at helping women going through menopausal symptoms track their hot flushes and…

An Intro to UI Test

This is an article I wrote on Medium recently so that my employer Dunnhumby could share it to their own Medium publication to showcase posts by their employees. But this is my main blog so wanted to share it here…